Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hair Raising the Dead

I have hair issues. What does this have to do with being psychic or talking to the dead? The dead have hair issues too.

My mother, in an attempt to make me look the way she needed me look for her personal satisfaction, dyed my hair blond from the time I started first grade. She wrapped my locks around pink foam curlers tight every night for 10 years.
Do you think the pulling of my hair tight for all those years aided my clairvoyance by stimulating my crown chakra? Well there had to be some reason for it….

I took my blond hair for granted. It was just part of my daily routine in personal hygiene; brush my teeth, dye my hair. I never even concerned myself with the dark roots that I had to keep covering up. It was the way of my world. Covering up darkness was the way most things in my home were handled. If you can’t fix it, decorate it!

Years later I had a bout of surgery and cut my hair really short and noticed and as it grew out, it was not blond: an interesting revelation. From that point, I managed to love the darkness of my hair-- red, brown, dark-- I like it.

Women are funny about their hair even when they are dead.
Many times when they first reveal themselves, they show me what they looked like in life, especially if hair was a stand out feature. They reveal it beautifully coiffed, fresh out of ...Heaven’s Salon.

Even if they'd passed later in life, they will come though with an image of how they looked when they felt their very best.
Those who succumbed to cancer, love to tell their earthbound relatives that their eyebrows and hair are back; full and radiant. Their hair, was a major part of their identity here on earth and how they would like to be remembered.

Recently, a client sat amazed as her long since past pup appeared during a session to tell her how grateful he was for her love. However, he was confused how different she looked each day.

The dog cocked his head and revealed images of this woman coming into her house with short black hair, coming out of her bedroom with long brown hair, feeding him his dinner with red spikey hair and grooming him with strawberry- blond curly hair. Not knowing these different looks were caused by wigs, the perplexed pooch, was certain her different identities were odd, but not important because he loved her.

The images come fast and, like a movie, they are revealed with real emotion present. Hair, like in life, has impact on the dead but its good to know they love us whether we are blond or not.