Saturday, August 9, 2008

To the MAX

Where would I get the idea that sitting with a 18 pound piece of quartz crystal configured in the shape of a human skull with large, orthodontia perfected teeth would be fun??
I remember the first time I was mesmerized by touch. I was probably 5 years old in the company of my mother who took me to a local dress shop. I stood bedside a table and found a piece of fabric draped over the edge. I stayed there, transfixed by the feel of it. And so the exploration of touch started. In eating food, I had to feel it before I could eat it. I had to know where it came from. In meeting people, I had to touch them or their clothes before I could trust them.
I just had to touch things to "know," and that has developed over the years into an ability called psychometry, feeling an object to reveal information. Visions of places, feelings, thoughts and words flood into my head.
This ability has assisted me with clients and law enforcement for years. I know that the piezoelectric currents that run though crystal is something worth understanding and how certain minerals hold frequencies based on their chemical structure that can affect us as easy as taking a pill. Holding a rock can sometimes be just as satisfying as a well aged wine, without the calories. Silicon dioxide provides numerous applications for connecting information. So with that in mind, I wondered what Max, a crystal Skull handed down by a Tibetan red hat Lama to a woman in Texas could do for me.
I had interviewed for the web cast show Dreamland, the authors of “Mystery of the Crystal Skulls” and I kept being pulled to the story of Max, the new "Indiana Jones" movie paled in comparison to the folklore surrounding some of these skulls, so I set myself on “interviewing Max”.
I nervously laughed, thinking that I was actually hearing from this skull. If talking to dead folks isn’t strange enough, I believed I was hearing from Max, beckoning me for a clandestine tryst.
I thought I might have to take a trip to Texas where he lives with his keeper JoAnn Parks,but no, Max was too kind, he decided to come near me, and I started to get emails from friends of Max’s telling me and where to find him.
I was in my kitchen, cooking a nice turkey spaghetti sauce when I heard the way I do in my head, "Go to the computer and you will have a message from one of my friends telling you where I will be." And there it was, a lovely note from a woman saying Max will be in Santa Monica, a mere 25 miles from me. I made a date.
What does one wear for a date with a crystal skull…? I took my tape recorder, put on some lipstick, crystal pink for the occasion, and drove to my destiny.
Getting past his keeper was an exercise in having to listen to all the successes that a stage mother could muster, as she was just as proud of Max as any spelling bee or Olympic champion. JoAnn is the guardian, of Max a celebrity, healer, and .....Spiritual dignitary.
I was briefly amused at the gullibility of people feeling that some probably ‘hand carved’ piece of rock could have an effect on anyone.

One by one people came away from the room where Max held court, with doe eyed red faces. New age stupor, or were they really affected?
I took my tape recorder in. He was lit underneath, and was sitting on this beautiful embroidered fabric. I immediately felt relaxed.
What happened in the next 45 minutes was a combination of IMAX special effects, various vibrational changes throughout my body, information about me, politics, loved ones, acquaintances, work, animals, Egyptian deities, winged beings, powerful out of this world consultants, and UFOs. Max told me to put my forehead on his, and WHAM I was propelled on a journey that I almost resisted, but allowed to unfold, and I recorded the details.
He ended the session singing to me, and then instructed me to take his picture…humorously he loved my phone camera and after taking me around the world pointing out specific geographical references he said we were done, and, we were dear friends.
Nothing prepared me for that. I drove home to my books of geography and Egypt and found not only the names were recorded, but also the specific points of geographical interest I would never have known, unless Max pointed them out. His way of confirming that he knew what he was talking about.
I am still integrating the facinating information that Max shared with me. This experience shines the light on the idea that Max might be a powerful organic computer, ancient oracle, or perhaps my new pet rock. What ever he is, Max certainly has created a new awareness in my truly amazing life.