Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Real Life

A dear friend sent me a little photo to cheer me up while I am splitting up.

Divorce is the act of surviving…

.....an earthquake; but your house doesn’t,

....the stock market crash; money you invested disappears,

....attempted murder because you heart still bleeds and aches like a Mother f***er from where it was stabbed,

....death, but everyone is still living,

.....robbery, someone came in and stole your life,

....perjury , the oath you took for love is now a lie,

...purgatory, that extremely unpleasant place you want to crawl out of
and ....alien invasion ,cause the pod people came in and took over your husband.

This is real life in the millennium midlife unless you are a 50’s mom waiting for the man to come home.

I learned from the best. She looked just like this lady.
By the time I was born, she switched to slacks, and didn’t want all the jewelry. She no longer painted her nails, and rarely ever smiled waiting for the man to come home and occupy the lazy boy.

She liked imaginary men best of all.

I was lucky, I had ten years of real love, support, fun, laughter, tenderness, and challenges.
I rose to the occasion for all of it, the thought that it would last forever might have been the imaginary part.
I too waited for the chair to be full.
Well, I no longer have to wait, and that is such a relief.
I think I will sit down and put my feet up and live my real life.