Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chutes or Ladders?

The “the information” that I receive from Spirit for others can be daunting, humorous, loving and deeply significant. It is not about being right, it is not for me to remember this information. It is my job to deliver it.

“Where does it come from?” , “why do you get it?,” how do you trust it?”, and how do I get it?”, are questions I encounter, and have spent years researching.

Recently I was asked, "how does it get to you? does it come down in CHUTES ??"
I whole heartily laughed. I guess in a way it does come down a path, filament, frequency, holographic spiritual ladder or…. perhaps a chute.

The point is that it is significant.

This past weekend I was on the phone with Rob who I had never met, and was miles away in another state. His job and security was in jeopardy. Like many people the economy is testing the core issues of all of us. He was so very unhappy, but the most important thing about our session was the information I was getting about the seriousness of his health. His digestion was giving ME a fit; I can feel in my body the upset or compromise in a client’s body especially if Spirit wants my client to to pay attention or do something about it it.

I am not a doctor nor do I prescribe medicine, but I do see compromise, and this lovely, devoted, hardworking, man was in trouble. After we got off the phone I felt it was necessary to have a chat with his wife. I was pushed to explain the significance of the information, especially since ever what happening in their lives was deeply effecting her husbands health.
She too was in emotional pain and listened to the information that was given.

Today I received an email that Rob was in the hospital with an obstruction in his intestine. When I read the note, I “saw” the pinch in his intestine and I was shown that it would “release”…..I try to stay as neutral about the information as I can, yet knowing that Spirit had delivered the concern and the warning just days before was extraordinary. Hours later Rob was out of danger.

He and his wife have had a very upsetting 48 hours, but the point is, that Spirit wanted them to both know that Rob’s health is more important than fixing up the house, or securing their life style. It is up to Rob and his wife to listen to the information provided.

It does not always work that way. I get glimmers of how something will roll out and It might not be the result we all would like. The way we want things to work out, it is not always the case.

It is not for me to control, or even remember the information, it is just for me to deliver the messages the best way I can. . I am constantly learning that the information whether it comes down a chute or a ladder is significant in my life.