Sunday, January 3, 2010

Right Resonance

I was in the company of beautiful music this holiday. The choirs of voices transcended me to a place of calm.

When you sing a pitch/note near a guitar string and the string is tuned to the same pitch as the one you're singing - the string will begin vibrating. Like great music that touches our soul, we are pulled to things that show us right resonance of vibration in our lives.
I woke on New Year Eve morning with a startling dream of responsibility, as though it was my message for the year to share; the necessity to allow the process of ones frequency to change, for right resonance.
I was shown that the vibration to which we resonate changes due to the growth in our lives.

Each of us has had events that alter who we are. These challenges change us emotionally, and sometimes physically. It makes sense that we would also be different vibrationally.

Like the dial of radio tuner trying to find the right station, aligning with the correct wavelengths to hear, see, and inevitably feel the right resonance. Light bends and undulates to vibrations, so do we.
We are often moved to things that vibrate something familiar, yet sometimes we are called to change.
We change by virtue of every experience. It is imperative to INTEGRATE THE CHANGE.If you resist changing because it is uncomfortable, or it does not fit with your “wants”, the adage is that one will repeat the same situation over and over again, until there is understanding or recognition in the insanity of the repetitive behavior.

I learned over the course of a few years that my body was telling me something was wrong in my life. I found myself medicating my emotions; food, meds, alcohol are easy ways to deny ones truth. However when you have been summoned by Spirit for a great purpose than your own needs, Spirit will help you get clear… fast.

Spirit gave me nudges to change my circumstances, I resisted and I started getting ill in various ways. Back problems had me slow down. Stomach disturbances made we seek assistance to find that what I was consuming was harming me. These issues and my intuition revealed a chain of events that threw me into chaotic loss. The resistance just made it more painful.

If you have circumstances in your life that are not in harmony, or you are exhibiting inauthentic behavior, incongruities’s with words and actions, you create “disturbance”. That disturbance creates a vibration, personal earth quakes. With all that shaking something is bound to break. Our souls sifting out the dirt to reveal nuggets of gold,… our truth. Things are no longer hidden.

2009 was quite a year for this transparency. Senators, congressmen, ministers, government officials, financial institutions, who misrepresented themselves, could by virtue of their incongruent behavior could no longer resist what had to change.

Tiger Woods who by great skill and effort has commanded the world’s attention, however he has demanded all to respect his privacy, an in congruent relationship. One who is so public cannot demand the opposite in his life. However, we now know that this demand was out of necessity to conceal other incongruent relationships.

Perhaps if we integrate this change, we can “tune” ourselves and resonate in harmony with others who are playing –singing-living the similar vibrations.

Our bodies, minds and souls crave Right Resonance, perhaps then we can make beautiful music together.