Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Pyre

I found a moment today....

...when I realized that what I knew 25 years ago was still correct. Of course I didn’t know it then the way way I know it now.

Years ago it was like standing beside a blazing fire. Yes it was hot, but how close could I get before every hair was singed? This I could not gauge, I did not know what I was burning I just knew that something was being... smolted.

Today it was as though another dimension opened up and Joan of Arc rode into my living room slashing my drapes with her blade, her steed trampling my clean bedding and she forced me to watch a DVD of her burning a top a pyre...not pretty.

She spoke to me, of course it was in French and because I don’t speak French, I will have to …invoke the English.
She said, You! Sister of the glen and mother to none, what say you of your quest to rot out the perpetrators of life, those who you call repudiations! ?"

"You are the one who cast your pearls before swine, they do nothing to you, but be who they are...again you are surprised?”

“Speak no more and get thee on thine knees to thank the heavens for blessing you so."

"Ripping the veil from your eyes, vexing you with the talons of their feet, the spirits of their mistresses the pitiful tale of a boy’s sickening Oedipal prison. "

"What a fool you are! The dye was cast and you hide your eyes and doubted your resolve, you lived in hope and that dear sister of the glen has worn the luster off your charm NO MORE”

“Pick up thine staff and follow me for you too listen to the voices, you who have been called fanatical ,act like it so, as you drown to save those who have tied a stone around their neck,”

"NO need to torch thyself, get on your mount and ride like the wind to catch your destiny, no more childish games, only those of courage,truth, honor and might will ever penetrate your fortress again, or you wlist find your self like love on a funeral pyre”

With that, she and her horse jumped out and over the roof.

Holy s***. Joan just opened up a can of whoop ass on me. To think that what I knew 25 years ago is what I still know now .....and I had to learn it all over again.

Learning is never over; life heats us up to remind and comfort us that what we once knew, we still know.